Understanding the ESI Capability Model

If there was a defined set of skills that made the perfect entrepreneur, then the likelihood is that many more businesses would survive beyond a few years from set-up.  It is generally accepted that only 30% will get beyond 3-5 years and only 10% will have significant success with more than 50% failing completely.

However, we also know that failure is often a pathway to success, the best entrepreneurs have often failed many times before and this learning can be critical to future success.

The reason for this is that the skills and traits of entrepreneurs are also impacted by external factors such as the business sector you are in, the world economic changes and other aspects of your personality. 

A business needs Cash, Capacity and Capability in order to succeed. The ESI helps you understand capability (whether you have the requisite skills) and to an extent capacity (whether you have the right skills across your team to deliver your business plan).

In using the ESI report you should look at capability scores in this context and think about what they mean to you as an individual and as a team - in the context of your business idea and the complexity of the industry/sector in which you operate. 

All of these scores can be worked on, some by experience and some by specific activity.