What does the ESI report tell me?

The Entrepreneur Skills Index personal report is a detailed analysis of your entrepreneur type.

Reports are available from https://esi-reports.mynexus.app and further information is available at https://entrepreneurskillsindex.com 

For every index, skill and trait shown in the app we provide detailed insight, development points and analysis of your personality and skills.

Below are details of what you'll find in the report.

Entrepreneur Type

 1.  Entrepreneur Type and summary description

 2.  Detailed personality insight on type

 3.  Summary of EA Index score and level

 4.  Summary of ECF Index score and level

EA and ECF Indices

 5.  Index score, level and summary

 6.  Development Analysis for index score

 7.  Index score dashboard

 8.  Trait (EA Index) or Skill (ECF Index) score, level and summary

 9.  Insight for skill or trait being viewed

 10. Personality Traits for skill or trait being viewed 

 11. Personality Foibles* for skills being viewed (*ECF only)

 12. Development Analysis for skill or trait being viewed


Entrepreneur Type

EA Index (per trait)

ECF Index (per skill)