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How does the game work?

myNexus ESI (Entrepreneur Skills Index) is a business simulation game that uses situational judgment and gameplay data to determine your entrepreneurial skills and capabilities.

On the face of it, the game is simply starting up and running your own coffee shop, but it's called a challenge for a reason! 

In order to collect the largest amount of data the game is not meant to be 'won', but for you to run your business for a long period of time. Each 'turn' in the game counts as one month, and the game has been designed to pick up and put down at your convenience.

The goals are: 

  1. Try and last to 5 years which only 10% of starts up will achieve
  2. Be successful enough to cash out and move premises

As you progress you'll unlock scores in the game related to your entrepreneur type and underlying skills and traits. If you want a detailed personal report you can go to www.entrepreneurskillsindex.com to find out more.

Game Play

The ESI app has three main game phases:

  1. Set-up (choose a location and brand name for your coffee shop)
  2. Manage your business by making changes (staff, suppliers, stock, products and advertising)
  3. Take a turn & make decisions

Every time you take a turn you're presented with a challenge scenario - it could be good, or bad but how you decide to act could impact how successful your business is.


The welcome tutorial for the game is reproduced here:

Welcome 1-5