What is the Pitch Showcase?

The pitch show case is currently only available on Entrepreneur Accounts.

The feature allows an Entrepreneur to add media to their profile to that prospective matches can find out more about their business in an easily viewed format.

More information on how to make the most of your pitch showcase can be found on our blog https://www.joinmynexus.com/intelligence

Uploading a Pitch Deck

In reality the pitch deck upload is simply a .pdf formatted file that is less than 20Mb in size. Many businesses will upload a detailed and traditional pitch deck about what the business does, what investment they may be seeking, and their plans to achieve success.

The Pitch Deck upload on myNexus is there to help you communicate whatever you want to your potential matches. It could be used for a detailed product document, or perhaps a one page simple summary of everything you do. Whatever you use it for, it's easy to get started:

1. In the main navigation head to Settings and click through to the Entity and Profile screen to locate the Pitch Showcase tab

Entity profile settings

2. Click on the Pitch Showcase tab and choose the Deck highlight

3. Drag or navigate to your pdf file and upload

Uploading a Pitch Video

Just as for a Pitch Deck, the video upload at myNexus is for a media file in .mp4 format and no bigger than 200Mb (this is around 3-4 minutes of video). It's just enough time to keep your matches engaged without boring them. 

You're not limited to pitching the entirety of your business, the intention is to grab the attention of potential matches quickly. You need to communicate whatever your audience might be most receptive to, so feel free to upload a sales video, company overview, or an 'explainer' video if that will add more value to your conversation.

In order to upload a pitch video just follow the instructions above and select the Video highlight once you've navigated to the Pitch Showcase tab.


Problem with these instructions? Raise a support ticket and tell us so we can correct it!