Can I link my data from the Entrepreneur Skills Index game?

Yes! We've built the join myNexus platform so you can populate your profile with all sorts of interesting information, and we're integrating new partnerships all the time.

By sending your data from the Entrepreneur Skills Index game we can add this information directly to your profile, and provide you with insight and analysis based on your gameplay.

The data is processed in accordance with our privacy policy and is only used to provide you the insights and add the information to your profile (should you choose to).


To link your data:

1. Log in to the join mynexus platform 

2. Click the game icon in the navigation 

3. Note down your unique 4-digit code (note that codes are only valid for 30 minute)

4. Launch the Entrepreneur Skills Index app on your device

5. On the opening screen hit the 'connexion' icon

6. Enter your unique code from step 3