What's the difference between a Personal Profile and an Entity Account?

myNexus was built to accommodate many different combinations of people and accounts.

We have three levels of management - Entity Account, Personal Profile, and Subscription Users

Entity Accounts

These are the Entrepreneur or Investreneur accounts that are our first level. 

Accounts can talk to each other through Messages, make Connexions that show on profile pages, post Updates, review Opportunities, search and Explore, and see Analytics 

It is the Entity Account not the Person that hold a subscription, and the number of seats is determined by your subscription level.

Personal Profile

These are the second level of myNexus.

Personal Profiles are always linked to at least one Entity Account.

A Personal Profile shows on the Entity Account summary page where someone viewing a match can see who the Entity Account Users are. This is important because all Users are able to message on behalf of an Entity Account.

Subscription Users

This is the third level of myNexus and put simply there are two types:

Admin User has access to the Entity Account Level Settings

Associate User does not have access to those settings, and can only do basic functions like Messaging on behalf of the Account